Technical / commercial apprenticeship

You want to show your talents in one of our apprenticeships? Whether technical or business talents, we like
to take you in our midst and offer you a truly qualified education. We encourage you to self-organization,
personal responsibility and will give you full support in learning job-specific expertise. You will be supported
by experienced colleagues with words and deeds. Our young matter to us. You can find our current appren-
ticeship-offers listed below - for all group companies.


Combined Studies

You have a degree which allows you to go to university? As for your professional
development, you want to combine sound theory with practical experience?

A so-called “combined” apprenticeship and studies program makes this possible. We currently offer “com-
bined” programs of engineering, manufacturing, mechatronic, process technology, business computer sci-
ence and industrial engineering. The program includes one year of apprenticeship. A 4-to-5-years program
at university follows, including sometimes 1 year abroad. You can find our current offers listed below - for
all group companies.



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