Function test stand (Elbe Tunnel)

Function test benches

For the railway industry, INTEGRAL HYDRAULIK developed a points test stand for function tests on actuators. Adjustable parameters are the actuating forces and times required in railway use, parameters for emergency tripping as well as a function check with undervoltage. Country-specific differences in the power supply systems can also be simulated. For this purpose flexible programs with user prompts were developed so that the parameters can be entered clearly and quickly; full documentation is also made possible by the software.

The fourth bore in the Elbe Tunnel, with a diameter of 14 m, is the world's largest tunnel bore in loose rock with an internal lining made of prefabricated concrete elements. To provide experimental support to the structural calculations, INTEGRAL HYDRAULIK developed a large test unit. The load from the soil above was simulated hydraulically on a section of tunnel bore using 96 force and position-regulated servo-radial load cylinders with a total force of 200,000 kN. More than 600 sensors were used to successfully measure forces and deformation.


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