Oil Conditioning (-40 °C bis +180 °C)

The INTEGRAL HYDRAULIK has developed test benches for heat and cold tests, which simulate testing conditions of -40 ° C to +180 ° C for individual modules.

A typical area of responsibility for such high-tech test benches are the newly developed dual clutch transmission and a double strand. Object of the simulation is the hydraulic control, that can be switched via the clutches and gears . Within the test bench temperature changes are brought about in part a rapid pace in order to measure and determine the impact on the components.

Another application are so-called wear test benches. In a controlled process wear-promoting particles are added to the transmission oil, to find leaks in components, for example in valves . Additional modules tests, among other tests for load Bluetec hose connections , hydraulic power steering or friction tests with unfired engines.We are also a competent partner for electro-hydraulic simulation systems , where the possibilities are endless.

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