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Test benches - automotive and other industries

Test stands are now essential in development centres in the automotive industry. They make a significant contribution to shortening development times and reducing costs. Of growing interest is the simulation of the wide temperature range to which vehicles are subjected between the equator and polar circle. Test stands with oil conditioning from Integral Hydraulik simulate extreme temperatures from – 40 °C or +180 °C and provide information of whether it really is possible to rely on gearbox control systems, ABS and traction control systems in Alaska or the Sahara. Test stands from Integral Hydraulik are computer-controlled and subject each component to a freely selectable, exactly defined test procedure.

Test stands from INTEGRAL HYDRAULIK are also used in other sectors. INTEGRAL HYDRAULIK developed a points test stand for the railway industry for function tests on actuators with the facility to simulate country-specific power supply systems. The structural calculations for the loads from the soil above the fourth bore or the Elbe Tunnel – with a diameter of 14 m the world's largest tunnel bore in loose rock – were supported experimentally using a test stand from INTEGRAL HYDRAULIK. 96 force and position-regulated servo radial load cylinders were used with a total force of 200,000 kN and more than 600 sensors were used for the measurement of forces and deformation.

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