About us

KHT Fahrzeugteile GmbH, located in Grevenbroich, near Düsseldorf, and with another site at Ense-Höingen near Dortmund, is a high-performance medium-sized company in the automotive industry.

We supply automotive components such as link rods for headlight sensors and air suspension systems, gear shifts and transmission selector switches. For the truck, bus, railway and agricultural machinery industry, our product range comprises mounted link rods, gear shifts, pressed and punched parts, welding components and subassemblies. In addition, we supply punched and pressed parts for the furniture industry.

KHT Fahrzeugteile GmbH, together with BHC Gummi-Metall GmbH, a company that mainly focuses on sophisticated rubber-metal connections and vibration-reducing components, forms the automotive division of the RUPF Industries Group.


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