Corporate philosophy

Our management principles are based on responsible and transparent corporate governance. They are crucial for sustainable economic success and serve to strengthen the trust of our customers, business partners, employees, financial partners and shareholders in our company. Management and shareholders have established the following management

        •  Our actions are subject to all legal provisions of relevance to the company including those related to health and safety as well
           as to the environment. Business and financial data reflect the actual situation and are based, as far as there is a scope of
           discretion, on a cautious approach to risk.

        •  Our human resources policy is orientated on the long-term sustainability of skilled jobs. Here we attach great importance to achievement
           and quality-oriented employees who identify themselves with the company in their work and responsibility. To ensure this goal the
           management structures, systems and measures are subject to continuous improvement and their quality checked. The consolidation of
           specialist knowledge, reliability in relation to the realisation of responsibility and collaboration within the organisation for the good of the
           company are in the foreground. High value is placed on health and safety along with employee satisfaction. Training and ongoing training
           are important elements.

       •  Our primary goal is to achieve customer satisfaction in relation to quality and delivery reliability and thus guarantee an enduring customer
          relationship. This also includes the continuous quest for technological improvements in our products and their applications. We maintain an
          enduring, fair partnership with our suppliers, a partnership that is subject to the satisfaction of our customers.

The specific organisational structures, measures, guidelines and instructions must comply with these principles. They are continuously monitored by the senior management and
further developed if necessary. This statement applies equally to all departments: sales and development, purchasing, process planning, production, logistics, quality management, human resources, finance and accounting.

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