About us

RUPF INDUSTRIES GmbH is a family-managed medium sized holding company, which origin goes back to 1859. Today, the group’s business activities are focused on

  • Automotive

    • BHC Gummi-Metall GmbH
      Rubber-metal-connections, vibration control components for chassis, powertrains and suspensions of cabs in commercial vehicles, railways, agricultural and construction equipment; bushings, support-, spherical-bearings, conical-, laminate- and auxiliary-springs, axle-guide bearings and longitudinal rods.
    • KHT Fahrzeugteile GmbH
      Turning, milling, welding, assembly; control linkage for headlamp leveling or leveling of the air suspensions system in cars; shift rods and shift lever; linkage for actuating load brake and cab suspension on trucks; guide rods and joints for bus doors and for luggage compartment lids.
    • R&P Umformtehnik GmbH & Co. KG
      Supplier of precision stamped parts from the smallest up to finished assemblies for the group as well as for customers from the automotive and mechanical engineering sector, furniture, sanitary and electrical industries.
    • RUPF ATG Casting GmbH
      Innovative alloys and materials, simultaneous engineering and product development, die-casting, integrated machining and assembling. Manufacturing of highly complex die-cast components and modules in aluminium and zinc, ready for applications for automotive (housing, camshaft adjuster) and other industries (drives).
    • RUPF Automotive GmbH
      Turning, milling, broaching, grinding, hardening; Machining of gear and transmission parts for trucks, agricultural and construction machines.
  • Hydraulics

    • Integral Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG
      Hydraulic units and systems for industrial applications in cement, power and steel plants; oil supply units, central drive stations, electrohydraulic systems; hydraulic cylinders, control blocks, pumps and valves.

      Test stands for automotive such as oil conditioning-, engine- and gearboxes and function test stands for general industrial applications.
  • Mechanical Engineering

    • Ulmer Werkzeugschleiftechnik GmbH & Co. KG
      Tool grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines.
    • Ulmer Maschinenteile GmbH
      Mechanical production (turning, milling, grinding) of gearboxes, machine spindles, bearing flanges and other machine components; assembling of components and complete machines including electrical installation.
    • Donautec GmbH & Co. KG
      Special grinding machines for individual applications in aerospace, medical and automotive industries: internal, face and external grinding machines, external and jig grinding machines, centre and profile grinding machines, 5-axis-grinding centres.




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