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RUPF ATG Casting GmbH

ATG RUPF Casting GmbH, with one location in Germany and one in Poland, is your specialist for complex aluminum and zinc die-casting components. We deliver products to the automotive (car, truck, agricultural, railway), mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical industries.

Our customers come to us with the toughest assignments. Complex geometry within the tightest achievable tolerances require high pressure tightnessas well as thin product walls. Within this development process, the conception of the casting tool is absolutely crucial. Filling simulations and finite
element calculations are integrated in our process.Our machinery includes a range of 16 warm and cold-chamber casting machines (clamping force of 340 t to 1,300 t, products from 50 grams up to
5 kg). These are equipped with vacuum technology, automated metal filling and lubrication spray units.

We are also equipped with more than 50 CNC machining centres and robotic turning machines. The washing, also in clean room, is directly attached to the process. Services such as heat treatment, deburring, assembling and pressure differential testing complete our service range. In the area of surface treatment, we work together with carefully chosen sub-contractors.

Our employees are trained for inline quality testing. This includes 3D-measuring machines, X-ray
machines, pore analysis, spectral analysis and metallurgical analysis. With the DIN ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001 and 18001 RUPF ATG Casting GmbH emphasizes the quality policy.

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