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RUPF Automotive GmbH

The RUPF Automotive GmbH, located in Grevenbroich, manufactures for the truck industry complex transmission and gear parts in small and big volumes. The components are made of cast steel or forged steel blanks. In the processing, different production technologies are used: turning, milling, broaching, gear-cutting, grinding, hardening, tempering, washing.

Turning, milling, grinding

For the shaft-like parts, turning and milling centres from the company Traub equipped with automated parts feeding are used. Many parts are interlocked by broaching the inside. We use an electro-mechanical broaching machine, which can handle up to 3 parts simultaneously.

The subsequent milling operation that produces the particular reference to the teeth is characterized by complex clamping devices. The transmission parts are machined with one or two-spindle machining centres from the house Stama.

Quality from the start

Quality is most important to all our activities. Our employees are trained for in-line quality testing. This includes 3D-measuring machines, Conturographs, spectral analysis and metallurgical analysis. Our quality department is equipped with modern testing equipment and facilities.

Certifications according to ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 underline our quality/ environmental and health-safety management.

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